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helloplizzy ([personal profile] helloplizzy) wrote in [community profile] londoncallingooc2017-10-10 02:51 pm

New Game Update!

There is a site up for the new game now: https://sites.google.com/site/themistrpg/home It's early days still, but if you'd like to bookmark it and keep tabs on how things are going, it's there for you!

We're also ready to take early transfer applications for characters you want to carry over to the new game. It's up to you if they remember London Calling or not. We're also letting you bring any new pups you might like to play here. No app needed. We're also ready to take no-app applications from any friends you have who might like to join the new game. All you have to do is email us (either via the old mod mail or our personal emails), or contact us via slack. We'll then send you an invite to join the new wiki where you can work on your pup's pages at your leisure.

Also, don't feel obligated to decide your full line-up right away, your pups can trickle in one at a time if you'd like.